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Pablo Gómez Uribe

(b. 1975, Medellín)

Pablo Gómez Uribe is an artist and architect born in Colombia. Since 2008 he has maintained a double residence between Medellín (Colombia) and New York (USA), which allows him to reflect on the nature of construction and destruction in architecture in these two contrasting cities.

Trained in Architecture, Pablo Gómez Uribe has built an artistic practice that elaborates a counter-narrative of modernism camouflaged in a rationalist seriality and elegant abstract forms. The product of a long process decanted from the idea of ​​‘anarchitecture’ coined by Gordon Malta Clark, Gómez Uribe uses a kind of speculative archeology that draws on urbanism and displays elements extracted from the analytical methodology of paper architecture (which had its stellar moment in the seventies) to establish a dialogic line with divergent positions of constructivist modernism in contemporary artistic production.