PROXYCO will present a work by Pablo Gómez Uribe for NADA House on Governors Island. The exhibition will open concurrently with the beginning of Governors Island’s 2021 Public Season and will run through the summer, with monthly in-person and virtual programmatic activations.


Pablo Gómez Uribe
Not Even One Brick Will Prevail

Pablo Gómez Uribe is an artist and architect.  Since 2008 he has maintained a double residence between Medellín (Colombia) and New York (USA), which allows him to reflect on the nature of construction and destruction in architecture in these two contrasting cities.

From a fictional space, his installations appear as scientific laboratories, constantly testing materials, comparing samples and collecting urban objects in search of a more solid, stable and ideal city, while at the same time pointing at the inevitable truth of deterioration and instability. Gómez Uribe recovers and points out  imperfections, recovers them and declare them as artwork.