Camilo Godoy – Presagios

Video Detail

Presagios, 2021

Video (color, sound; 2:25 min. on loop)

Performance and video: Camilo Godoy

Music: Nicolas Leau

Visual references: Lucía Vidales

As part of Lucía Vidales: Sudor Frío PROXYCO commissioned artist Camilo Godoy to respond to the exhibition. Presagios is a video of a performance by Godoy inspired by the paintings and works on paper by Vidales. Both artists share a mutual concern with the colonial fantasies of the primitive and the tragedy of history. Presagios visualizes the physicality of the human body in acts of abstraction, chaos, and movement. The video is accompanied by a score by Nicolas Leau developed in conversation with the artists. Through this collaboration, Presagios seeks to address the feelings of these wild pandemic times.