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Edgar Orlaineta

(b. 1972, Mexico City)

Edgar Orlaineta’s practice focuses on hybrid sculptural forms that draw inspiration from modernism, popular culture, and significant moments in design history. Primarily, his work explores post-war design and architecture with a strong surrealist influence. Through hybrid assemblages that combine design objects with craft elements or everyday objects devoid of historical relevance, his work interrogates the economic and symbolic value of these collector items. In these interventions and assemblages, Orlaineta seeks to open these objects to new perspectives and reactivate the legacy of the historical avant-garde. Orlaineta’s work has been exhibited at international institutions, such as the The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, CA), Hirshhorn Museum (Washington, D.C.); Museo de Arte Moderno (Mexico City), Colección Jumex (Mexico City), among others. International distinctions include Graham Foundation Grant, the Sistema Nacional de Creadores from FONCA, and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. Orlaineta holds a degree in painting from from La Esmeralda: Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado (ENPEG) in Mexico and a masters in sculpture from Pratt Institute.

Design as Art, 2015
Wood (walnut, beech, ash tree and balsa), book (Design as Art by Bruno Munari, Penguin Books, 1966), cosmetic pigments, agglomerate, brass, aluminum and acrylic paint

American Visa-Sophie “”Sara”” Taeuber-Arp, 2014
Powder coated steel and wire

After Socrates’s Hat, 2017
Wood (cedar, walnut, amaranth, white cedar), books, China ink, wax and coppe

Köning Hirsch-A possibility of living, 2016
König Hirsch marionette (wood [walnut, beech, cottonwood, cedar], color pencil, acrylic paint, brass, string, and hardware), book (le siege de l’air poems. 1915-1945. aver hit duo-dessins par arp et taeuber-arp et un avant-promos par alain gheerbrant collection le quadrangle grille paris 1946 by Hans Arp, copy 217/900, Paris, 1946), wood shelves (birch plywood and acrylic paint), collage (oil on cotton paper), screen print on original vintage photo, original vintage lithography, magazine (“Wendington”, Marionettes, Amsterdam, May-June, 1922), original Katsina (wood [walnut, beech], color pencil and acrylic paint), tray (wood [walnut, beech, cachimbo], color pencil and acrylic paint), Head-Eye wood sculpture (cedar, color pencil and acrylic paint), light wood sculpture (oak, color pencil and acrylic paint), dark blue sculptures (wood [oak, cedar], color pencil and acrylic paint), electromagnetic paint on steel